• Safe and hygienic
    for the wellbeing
    of patients

    Kathrin, 35 years, dentist

  • Optimal protection
    for the hospitality

    Sabine, 31 years, waitress

  • Optimal protection
    for everyday contact
    with customers

    Sophie, 28 years, saleswoman

  • Stylish and safe

    through everyday life

    LeanMask FASHION

  • Best possible

    protection  for KIDS

    in cheerful colours

    LeanMask KIDS



  • The durable reusable mask. Made in Belgium.


Choose the right mask for your activities!

Reliable, comfortable, durable and reusable: The LeanMask is the mask that best suits all your needs, whether it is filtering or just a fashion accessory. In addition to the many advantages, our mask is 100% Made in Belgium, produced in an environmentally friendly way and easy to clean: simply wash it with soap and water, hydro-alcoholic gel or in the dishwasher. You only have to change the filter every day.

Discover our masks now:

  • LeanMask MED

    Our mask for those who need professional protection. Our LeanMask MED is not only FFP2-certified (ATP-certified mask / Nelson Laboratories certified filters), but also waterproof and perfectly adapts to the individual facial contours. The LeanMask MED is the reliable companion in everyday life and has already found its way into many physiotherapists, dentists, pharmacists, medical centers and retirement homes. The model MED is the only model that can be washed in the sterilizer and UV machine.

  • LeanMask FASHION

    It is very colorful, isn't it? Do you like it when an accessory completes your outfit? Then the FASHION model is just right for you! You've the choice between pastel shades and cheerful colors without deviating from the main function: to protect you!

  • LeanMask DAY

    If pure tones are what appeals you the most, the DAY model will suit your expectations. The mask and the components are the same as those of our FASHION and KIDS models, with the only difference that the DAY model offers you calm and simple tones and thus integrates harmoniously in any situation.

  • LeanMask KIDS

    Happy and funky colors for our KIDS! Because they have the right to wear a mask too. So the whole family is protected with a nice, environmentally friendly mask!

Its main advantages

  • Protection & Security

  • Comfort

  • Breathability

  • Reusable

  • Easy to clean

  • Eco Friendly

  • Economic

  • For the whole family

  • FFP2 certified (only the MED model)

lean-mask belgium flag

The durable reusable mask.
Made in Belgium.

LeanMask is reusable, recyclable and storable for future needs. It was entirely developed and produced locally by the company Weimat located in Eupen.

LeanMask is comfortable to wear and environmentally friendly.

« We cannot imagine the amount of waste produced by the masks thrown away every day in companies, construction companies, schools, hospitals, homes, offices, public transport, …».

Ingrid, HR manager at a large company.


  • FFP2 filters approved by

  • FFP2 mask approved by ATP
    (Alternative Test Protocol)

  • Mask approved by the
    German Institute for Sustainability and Economy

Discover LeanMask

The durable reusable mask. Made in Belgium.

  • content
  • filters
  • care
  • Certification
  • Each mask includes :

    • The soft plastic support for the mouth and nose. It is non-irritating to the skin.
    • The filter holding grid
    • The 2 adaptable fastening straps. The fastening straps are flexible, adjustable and can be worn in different ways:
      • behind the ears
      • horizontally with the 2 straps at the back of the head

    Only the filter (4 x 4 cm) needs to be replaced daily. The other components can be easily disinfected and reused.

  • Choose your filter between FFP1 and FFP2.

    Our composite filters made of fibres are FFP1 / FFP2 certified.
    They are available in packs of 25.
    The filter must be replaced every day.

    Technical specifications of the filter DAY Technical specifications of the filter MED Certificate for the filter MED
  • LeanMask is washable with soap and water and can be directly reused. It can be disinfected with hydroalcoholic gel. Very practical, LeanMask can also be put in the dishwasher or washing machine. A version made of certified medical plastic is also available for specialized sectors and can be reconditioned by being put through sterilization machines found in hospitals.

    The filter holder
    The filter holder is made of PP and ensures that the filter rests securely on the side of the mask and is airtight.

    The filter
    The filter is FFP1 / FFP2 certified and is made of fleece. The only part of the mask that needs to be replaced daily.

    The mask
    Made of TPE, our mask can be used multiple times. Disinfect it or boil it. It’s done.
    The 2 fastening straps: Flexible and adjustable, they ensure that the mask fits comfortably while following the curves of your face.

  • Weimat has had LeanMask certified by the certification body of the German Institute for Sustainable Development and Economics. The use of LeanMask for wearing in close contact for the protection of others received a rating of “very good”.

    Quality of finish: 92/100
    Production process: 90/100
    Wearing comfort: 85/100
    Reusability: 98/100
    Constituent material: 98/100
    Resistance: 96/100
    Breathability: 99/100
    Reduction of the ventilatory flow rate: 98/100

    This is not a medical device. No medical tests have been performed. The other FFP1 and FFP2 certifications are in progress.

    Download the certificate

What they think

  • I’ve equipped the whole family! We take it out in public places, to go shopping or take the bus. In the evening, I throw away the little filter and put all the masks in the dishwasher! Every morning, everyone leaves protected for a new day. I’m reassured.

    Marie and Jean

  • Every staff member received LeanMask when we were able to return to work. I wear it 6 to 8 hours a day. It is practical, light and easy to clean.

    Benoît, worker

  • We dentists didn’t wait for the Covid 19 crisis to wear masks. It is part of our daily lives. Having tried LeanMask, I have now completely abandoned the surgical mask for a comfortable, durable and environmentally friendly solution.

    Kathrin, dentist

Weimat at the origin of LeanMask

Located in Eupen, the company Weimat was founded some thirty years ago by the father of Alex Weiss, the current CEO. Initially specialising in precision mechanics for the aeronautics industry, Weimat then moved on to the design and manufacture of moulds for plastic injection, specialising in small series and the manufacture of complex prototypes. 16 years ago, after training in the automotive tooling sector in Switzerland and Canada, Alex Weiss joined the family business of 5 or 6 people to develop it into an SME covering 6000 m2 and employing 45 people.

The company has diversified its activities in the OEM sector, the equipment manufacturers (for the most prestigious car brands) and has developed its expertise in precision mechanics. Some departments have been impacted by the Covid 19 crisis. These include precision mechanics but also tooling, moulding and injection moulding mainly for plastic car accessories. It is because these production lines have been slowed down and Weimat anticipated the future shortage of masks that the company quickly decided to start designing and producing durable masks made in Belgium.

Discover Weimat

Alex Weiss

“We converted two of our injection moulding machines to make them,” says Alex Weiss. We are able to react very quickly to changes in orders.

At full capacity, we could produce up to 100.000 a week.”


Contact us for any questions.

Weimat Group

Rue Haute 104/9
B – 4700 Eupen

Tél. +32 (0)87 743 041
Fax +32 (0)87 552 820
Email info@lean-mask.com